Hole 16

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PAR 5 | 349 – 577 YARDS
About this hole

The final par 5 is also the grandest in width, with its form a direct function of the infinite variety of options from tee to green. The hole is a seamless blend between the strategic and heroic schools of design. A lake hugs the entire left side of the fairway, eventually narrowing down to a creek crossing in front of an elevated green.

For those bold enough to go for the green in two, a tee shot as close to the water as possible is the play.

The strategic school is open for those who still want to take a shorter route but away from the pond, courtesy of a large mound complex that bisects the first landing area. Those taking the longer route to the right of the mounding will have a better angle along the breadth of the fairway for the next shot. The left route is more direct, but will necessitate an awkward line of flight going straight at a pair of fairway bunkers bisecting the second landing area into lower and upper fairways providing little depth from that angle.



Tee Length
Championship 577
E 557
D 494
I 478
N 402
A 349
Playing tip

Playing an approach from the right side will have the best angle into a deep, rectangular green that has little room for error from left to right. The right side of the green extends out of a tall hillside. Any approaches leaking to the left may roll into the water 15 feet below. The green cascades down from back to a very accessible front, with a lone sand bunker cut into the right hillside.