Hole 18

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PAR 4 | 142 – 422 YARDS
About this hole

This is a hole where existing ponds worked favorably to drop a dramatic heroic finale. The shape and orientation of the pond between tee and fairway afforded the opportunity to develop a risk-reward left-to-right tee shot.

Following up on the parallel relationship to the 12th hole, the best tee shot here is to the right, directing the golfer away from 12 (the best tee shot on that hole is to the left).

Similar to 12, visibility becomes a problem depending on which side of the fairway one plays toward and how the large ridge separating the fairways affects the approach. Whereas the tee shot on 12 discourages the shorter route from the right, playing away from that same ridge demands a more aggressive play toward the right on 18.



Tee Length
Championship 422
E 359
D 348
I 311
N 280
A 142
Playing tip

An even match coming down to 18 will most likely end in victory for those who take the more aggressive route off the tee. That direction requires a drive over a fairway bunker in the corner of the dogleg and a pond flanking that side as well. The benefits are great with a tremendous distance advantage over the more conservative approach to the left. Although a shorter approach will be the reward, that shot must then carry a green-side bunker protecting a front right pin placement.

On the opposite side, for those who tend to shy away from the water, playing too conservatively may end up with a blind approach and a three- or four-club difference.