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PAR 4 | 280 – 417 YARDS

About this hole

This dogleg right par 4 doesn’t require a long tee shot as much as it requires an aggressive tee shot willing to hug a creek running along the right side from the tee complex, extending the length of the fairway before it bisects the fairway just beyond the landing area.

An approach from the right side as close to the creek as possible can mean a two- or three-club difference from another rumpled fairway compared to an even longer tee shot that strays to the left away from the water. Any thoughts of cutting the corner off the tee will quickly be dropped as a huge oak stands sentinel at the corner of the dogleg on the green side of the creek.


Tee Length
Championship 417
E 393
D 365
I 323
N 313
A 280
Playing tip

Any short approaches will find grass hollows that may kick balls to the left toward the same creek that now hugs the left side of the approach and putting surface.