Hole 3

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PAR 3 | 115 – 162 YARDS
About this hole

The first of three front-nine par 3 holes, No. 3’s green sits in front of a pond and is tucked into a modest ridge from the left side. As the ridge enters the putting surface, it separates the front left from the back right, creating specific targets for those yearning for birdie off the tees, depending on the pin placement of the day.


Tee Length
Championship 162
E 154
D 144
I 130
N 123
A 115
Playing tip

The strategic feature that distinguishes this hole is a mound that extends out of the ridge along the left into the putting surface. Local knowledge will quickly develop as to the benefit in using the mound to kick a tee shot onto the putting surface from that side. Also known as the “member’s bounce”, the path of the tee shot off this feature is a shot maker’s opportunity to utilize the lay of the land to direct a tee shot toward the target.