Hole 6

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PAR 5 | 327 – 519 YARDS

About this hole

The second of the trio of front-nine par 5 holes moves to the left downhill from the oak savanna ridge into a valley framed by more oaks along the left and a hillside on the right.

The shorter route cutting the corner to the left requires a play over a swale running along that side. The next shot along this line to the green can best be described as uncomfortable as the route is blocked by that second fairway bunker in addition to more oaks matched on the right side by an additional tree line.

A third fairway bunker jutting out from another ridge on the right approximately 50 yards out conceals the right half of the putting surface. The line of play bisects the green with a dramatic ridge that transitions the high side of the green into the lower left side of the green.

Tee Length
Championship 519
E 493
D 458
I 448
N 438
A 327
Playing tip

The golfer who assumes the fairway bunker cut into the base of that hillside should be avoided will miss a great aiming point off the tee. The play from as close to that fairway bunker as possible is the wiser choice as the route opens up from that side, eliminating a bunker further down the left side from consideration as well as both tree lines.