Hole 7

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PAR 3 | 100 – 174 YARDS
About this hole

The final pairing of a trio of consecutive par 3/par 5s on the front nine begins with a long three from a tee box backed up to a pond. The entire putting surface is open in front and on the sides as a pair of bunkers keeps long shots out of the wetland behind the green.

The putting surface is a mirror image of the previous green with the high left half coming off a mound on that side then stepping down to a lower right side. A mound in front of the green extends into the putting surface as the bisecting ridge.


Tee Length
Championship 174
E 167
D 147
I 133
N 112
A 100
Playing tip

The hole appears relatively flat, a cross-slope drops from left to right, which allowed the hole to build up the left side of the green and develop a mound at the front left corner of the green. A single ridge coming out of that mound bleeds into the putting surface. Some tee shots will kick onto the green similar to (but different) than the mound that works into the third green from the back left.