Championship 18 Course Rates

18 Hole Green Fees
18 Hole Green Fees WeekdayWeekday (M-Th)Weekday (M-Th) Online
Daily - Senior (62 and older)$49$44.10
Daily - Junior (17 and younger)$27$24.30
Player's Club Member$41$36.90
Player's Club Member - Senior$38$34.20
18 Hole Green Fees WeekendWeekend (F-Sun)Weekend (F-Sun) Online
Daily - Senior (62 and older)
Daily - Junior (17 and younger)$30$27 (after 1 p.m.)
Player's Club Member$46$41.40
Player's Club Member - Senior$43$38.70
9 Hole Green Fees
9 Hole Green Fees WeekdayWeekday (M-Th)Weekday (M-Th) Online
Daily - Senior (62 and older)$28$25.20
Daily - Junior (17 and younger)$18$16.20 (after 1 p.m.)
Player's Club Member$24$21.60
Player's Club Member - Senior$21$18.90
9 Hole Green Fees WeekendWeekend (F-Sun)Weekend (F-Sun) Online
Daily - Junior (17 and younger)$20$18 (after 1 p.m.)
Player's Club Member$28$25.20
Player's Club Member - Senior$26$23.40
Golf Cart Fees
Golf Cart Fees 
18 Hole Daily$16.50 per player
18 Hole Player's Club Holder$15.50 per player
9 Hole Daily Fee$10 per player
9 Hole Player's Club Member$9.50 per player
Push Cart and Club Rental Fees
Push Carts and Club Rental Fees 
Push Carts - 18 Holes$9
Push Carts - 9 Holes$5
Club Rental - 18 Holes
-Includes: Full Set of Clubs & Sleeve of Balls

All above fees are subject to Minnesota Sales Tax.