Supporting Organizations

Braemar Golf Association

The Braemar Golf Association (BGA) is an unincorporated association organized to provide consultation and advice to the management of Braemar Golf Course in the City of Edina (Braemar). The BGA has been formed to represent Minnesota residents who have an interest in promoting golf as a social and competitive sport in the City of Edina.


The goals of the BGA are to:

  • Promote golfing for social and competitive purposes both within and between CEGF organized leagues and non-leagues golfers.
  • Continually review and assess the status and condition of the CEGF in terms of their physical plant (both capital improvements and maintenance) and operations, and to provide counsel to the Course Manager with respect to the BGA’s findings and recommendations in these areas.
  • Manage all aspects of the Braemar Memorial Fund (the “Fund”), to approve projects paid for by the Fund, and to raise donations for the Fund.
  • Assist the Course Manager and CEGF staff in gaining the cooperation of all golfers to care for the course, and to promote safe and prompt playing conditions.
  • Present BGA findings and recommendations to the City of Edina governmental unit or individual (such as City Council, Mayor, Park Board, and Parks and Recreation Director).
  • Assist the Course Manager and CEGF staff, when requested, in planning, implementing, and operating specific golf events that are inclusive of interleague and open play golfers.  Such events may be for the purpose of raising funds to support maintenance, operations, or the improvement of CEGF.
  • Represent all golfers at the CEGF and address their concerns.

For more information, see the BGA Bylaws.

Board Members

The current BGA board members are:

Board Chair: Dick Brozic (member since 2016)
Vice Board Chair: Michael Phillips (member since 2022)
Secretary: Joe Andert (member since 2016)
Treasurer: Judy Krzyzek (member since 2019)

Members at large:

  • Chris Goodwin (member since 2019)
  • Dick Helde (member since 2022)
  • Melissa Kent (member since 2022)
  • Jeff Koelmel (member since 2022)
  • Jeff Moore (member since 2019)
  • Greg Wright (member since 2022)
Recent Projects

The following projects were approved by the BGA and implemented over the last few years:

  • Portable instructional awning for the range – 2022
  • 12-unit bird house for purple martins – 2022
  • Junior Club Championship Awards Lunch – 2020
  • Perpetuity Plaques – 2019
  • Scoreboard/Message Board – 2019
  • WeatherBug weather system – 2017
  • Large-screen TV for the clubhouse – 2016
  • Driving Range ADA Patio – 2016
  • Permanent Bar in Banquet Room – 2015
  • Electronic Entrance Sign – 2015
  • Club Room Furniture – 2015
  • Banquet Room Sound System – 2015
Memorial Fund

Funding for the projects approved by the BGA comes from the Braemar Memorial Fund (the Fund).  The BGA is responsible for raising donations for the Fund and for managing all aspects of the Fund.

The vision and mission of the Fund is to acquire funding for improvements to Braemar golf Course.  The donated monies will be used to enhance the golf course with amenities that might not otherwise be affordable or views as a current necessity.

If you wish to donate to the Fund, please contact the Braemar General Manager.